WTFem believes the emergency management industry – and the related industries of public works, waste management, and first responders – benefit from increased diversity in order to fully achieve the industry objectives of building resiliency and of effective, efficient and equitable planning, response and recovery. We also believe that many women still do not have exposure to or information about the strong, financially stable, and fulfilling careers in emergency management and the related fields.


To provide easily accessible resources and content that supports women as they explore, engage, and grow in careers in emergency management careers.

WTFem is here to help!

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We are always looking for women across every level and sector of the industry to speak on panels, help write articles, and share their stories. Interested?

Our industry has made big strides in diversity and the inclusion of women. However, across every level of jobs and careers in our field, we still have work to do.

"Now is the time for us to commit to diversity at every level of our industry and put more women in the field of emergency management."